ISIS Bloodshed the Anbar

ISIS Bloodshed the Anbar

Dozens of security forces were killed in Ramadi which is the center of Anbar province in the South-west of the Iraq. More »

9 British Medical Students Joined to ISIS to be Volunteer Doctors

9 British Medical Students Joined to ISIS to be Volunteer Doctors

British Guardian newspaper claimed that 9 of the British medical students went to Syria in illegal ways to work as doctors in the Hospitals which are under the control of ISIS. More »

Election race began in France

Election race began in France

France citizens are at polls for the first round of the provincial council elections. According to the surveys; it expected that Marine Le Pen’s extreme right-wing party “National Front” which is known More »

Iraqi Air Force bombed the ISIS

Iraqi Air Force bombed the ISIS

Iraqi Air Force killed the 70 militants from ISIS in Selaheddin and also bombed the 10 vehicle which the militants were driving. More »

Took Selfie After He Got Shot

Took Selfie After He Got Shot

Isaac Martinez shocked everyone after he got shot while the cafe he was working in attacked by armed criminal. More »


Gucci Will Produce Smart Watch


With the expansion of smart watch market, Gucci also began working to get involved in this market. Gucci and Will.I.Am brands are preparing to participate in the smart watch fashion which started with the Samsung Gear.

Lumia 430 is the Cheapest Windows Phone


Lumia 430 which was launched recently by Microsoft became the lowest cost Windows Phone with a 70 dollars price.

Important Virus Warning from ICTA


Information and Communication Technologies Authority warn people about the harmful software named Cryptolock.

Armstrong Been Brought to Court


Former American biker Lance Armstrong will stand trial in the court due to hitting two cars with his vehicle and leaving the accident area.

Champion Athlete Banned for 2 Years


Former world champion Amantle Montsho was banned for 2 years due to she had doping in Commonwealth Games. She was former world champion in 400 meters.

Ecclestone is Going to Testify

Germany F 1 Ecclestone Trial-3

It was announced that President of the Formula 1 Ecclestone was called to give a statement as a witness about the investigation carried out on alleged corruption in the Formula 1 races held in Valencia.

UN Calls for Water Conservation


According to the World Water Report issued due to the UNESCO’s March 22, World Water Day we do not act sufficiently attentive in the required water consumption in order to maintain the existence of mankind. United Nations has introduced a new water report to the public. In the report, experts draw attention to protection of water resources and prevention of water wastage. Richard Connor, lead author of the report, emphasized that the important thing is to underline the importance of water. Expert who stated that the basic requirement of sustainable development is water but we need a central authority in the water management because these issues did not mentioned in the recent years, we have known this for centuries. Therefore United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization demanding that water management must become one of the new development goals. Expert Connor said that; we make pressure to put the water management into development goals. This target does not only valid for drinking water and not even includes water used for cleaning.

Call to Western Countries from Rouhani


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made a call to Western countries to terminate all of the economic sanctions against Iran.

Kerry: Decision Making Time Has Come for Iran


US Secretary of State John Kerry went to London to meet with the ministers of Foreign Affairs of Britain, France and Germany after the interruption of the connections carried out with Iran in Lausanne.

Turk Found Dead after Detained by Swedish Police


55 years old Turkish citizen Yıldırım Erdoğdu was missing in the last 15 days in the Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, it is revealed that he was taken into custody by Swedish police and died after the police inquiry.